some interesting equestrian questions

this or that

1: sporty or stocky

2: colorful or plain polos

3: paddock boots or tall boots

4: arena or field

5: bareback or bridleless

6: roman nose, dished, or refined face

7: sweet or spirited

8: black or brown tack

9: shoes or barefoot

10: short mane or long mane

have you ever

11: taught a horse a trick

12: sat on a laying down horse

13: tried a discipline different than what you usually do

14: gone on a trail ride at night

15: ridden a 13hh pony (or smaller)

16: ridden a horse taller than 17hh

17: jumped bareback

18: ridden tackless

19: given a horse a shot

20: been bucked off

describe your

21: horse

22: barn

23: instructor

24: riding friends

25: equestrian life

general questions

26: favorite breed and color

27: english or western

28: hunters or jumpers

29: barrels or pleasure

30: how long have you been riding

please keep equinefeather as the credit. 15handsandcounting also helped come up with some of these (: